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Monetize Coin - Traffic Arbitrage System

Monetize Coin was able to rise from the ashes of the lending space meltdown in early 2018 and claim to not just be another generic lending platform, but a new generation Monetization Platform.

Daily Interest Rate
Social Media Pressence
  • Massive amount of active members
  • ERC20 token on ethereum blockchain
  • Not much volume on external exchange
  • Daily interest rate seems on a decline
  • No roadmap or whitepaper
  • Coin value has shown steady decline
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Update - 2018.11.21

Monetize Coin seems like an abandoned platform running on autopilot. The daily interest rate has been fixed at 0.5% for weeks now and trading volume on their internal exchanges has been on a steady decline for months now. The value of their token is down to $0.01 and I don’t see how this platform can make a comeback.

Monetize Coin is a dead platform in my book.

What Is Monetize Coin?

Monetize Coin claim to have developed one of the worlds most advanced Pay Per Click/Programmatic display traffic monetization and lead generation systems. Which is boiled down to a system that uses machine learning to arbitrage web traffic. It is possible to get a real-time view of the Monetize Bot handling traffic coming into their traffic arbitrage system and watch the conversions take place in real time while the bot generate leads for businesses all over the world.

How Does Monetize Coin Make Money?

Monetize Coin has a solid business model which delivers a huge competitive advantage over other generic lending platforms. The profit is generated by a real business and is not linked to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Pay per click traffic is a popular model of online marketing in which an advertiser pays an advertising fee every time someone clicks on their banner ad. You have all been a victim of this marketing scheme every time you see advertisements on the side of Google’s search results page. When you click on these ads, a business pays Google to deliver you to their website, the advertiser hopes that you will complete an action such as a purchase or sign up. Monetize Coin sells the vast majority of their traffic to affiliate networks and these networks pay a commission for the generated leads.

The Monetize Coin Lending Platform

The Monetize Bot needs capital to work and their monetization engine returns 80-90% of the daily campaign profit to you. To get started simply deposit either Bitcoin or Ethereum into your MonetizeCoin online wallet, purchase MNZ tokens on their integrated exchange.

With Monetize Coin in your account you are able to profit from the lending program, which is divided into 4 tiers. The tiers are determined by how much capital you invest in the system, the more you invest the better your loan becomes. Not only will your daily interest increase with each tier, but you will also get your capital back sooner. You will earn a daily dividend payment of up to 2% per day to your account plus the bonus of your tier.

Lending AmountInterestCapital Back
$ 100 – $ 1,000Daily Variation Rate239 Days
$ 1,001 – $ 5,000Daily Variation Rate +0.10%179 Days
$ 5,001 – $ 10,000Daily Variation Rate +0.20%120 Days
$ 10,000 +Daily Variation Rate +0.25%99 Days

The Monetize Coin Staking Program

Staking is a great option if you want to hold on to your MNZ for long term and generate some additional interest doing so. It is only possible to use the staking program through their website. This is done by simply moving the desired coins into a staking wallet and interest is generated daily on those staked coins. A huge plus with Monetize Coin is that the staked coins are always available for withdrawal and you can cancel staking at any time. The dividend payments will be made for the staking period, up to the cancellation date. The maximum staking period is 90 days.

Period FromPeriod ToStake Return % in MNZ
February 2018July 201811%
August 2018January 20198%
February 2019July 20196%
August 2019January 20205%
February 2020Onwards1.5%

The Team Behind Monetize Coin?

The people behind Monetize Coin have chosen to be anonymous, which to be honest is quite normal within the lending space and high yield investment platforms in general. They state on their website that they started in UK back in 2009, but who knows if that’s even correct or it that’s where they are located now.

What we do know is the public information available about their domain, which in the past have proven to be valuable information. Their site is hosted on a dedicated server and they registered their domain name in 2017-11-28 and it’s valid for 10 years. This is a good sign which means they are able to cope with big amounts of visitors expect to be online for a long time. Their domain contact is protected by WhoIsGuard, so finding the person responsible for the domain is impossible, this is again also normal practice for anything online.

The Bottom Line

Back in February 2018 there was a lot of hype around Monetize Coin and buttload of FUD around lending platforms mainly caused by the fall of Bitconnect which put all lending platforms in peril. Many of the lending platforms failed but somehow Monetize Coin still remains and is actually going strong. Whether this is because they actually have a working product or just a massive money reserve from the ICO is hard to tell. This is mainly due to the fact that there is not actual proof of any traffic arbitrage bot, so we just have to take their word for it. Just like Bitconnect also stated that they operated with a bitcoin trading bot, then there was actually no proof of it. But to be honest this is the case with all lending platforms and other high yield investment platforms for that matter, they operate on blind faith. Does this mean there is no money to be made? Hell no! I have been burned in a few lending platforms, but I’ve certainly also made a lot of profits. It’s all about the timing and having a plan before blindly throwing away your hard earned cash. Always remember to take profits and don’t always compound your earnings. Every thing has a lifetime and this is more true for crypto than anything else, a week in crypto is equal to a months on the stock market and the FUD is a factor that should not be dismissed.

Having said all that the Monetize Coin website does seem like a faceless corporation with a good marketing team, but marketing is everything and they are still able to generate hype. Their member base is huge because of this and another thing to keep in mind is that, they have survived for this long and endured the toughest time of any lending platform which speaks volumes. Monetize Coin is also very active on their telegram channel keeping investors in the loop. I do like that the Monetize Coin MNZ is an ERC20 token on the ethereum blockchain, which brings some sort of transparency other lending programs have not been able to offer.

If you are searching for a final verdict on whether this is a safe investment or not, then remember no investment is safe and crypto is more a gamble then anything else at this point. I can not greenlight any site and guarantee profits because as you are reading this an exit scam could be in the works. At the moment it does seem like the entire site iw working on autopilot and the exchange has been on a constant decline.

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