The state of Lending platforms and Bitcoin Lending ICO

It finally seems like CryptoLux scammed out as expected. It lasted way longer than I imagined though.
On that note I have to admit that times have been rough for lending platforms and the ones still standing on my site are in the process of moving away from lending all together.
Arbitraging is still my nr 1 pick even though they are having a really hard time. The passive income from aBOT will most likely be faded out in favour of TradePro, making Arbitraging a pure bot platform.
The same is happening with NovaChain and their REX bot, it’ll be replaced with the T-REX pool.
Crystal Token seems dead in the water atm, not much hype around their bots and tbh they are not performing.
Then there’s Eigencoin… They have been trying for months to make a game instead of a lending platform and it’s going no where. The game is a joke and honestly seems like it’s made for kids.
The last standing platform is EvoAI which have made a bot for arbitrage trading and the beta testers are reporting some nice gains. However they are still in ICO phase 1 and I honestly can’t see this taking off any time soon. People who have been burned by both ARB and NOVA are not flooding into EvoAI. If they make it, it’ll be a slow rise. I do have a small investment in EvoAI, so I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
As some have noticed I’ve not made a new review of a platform in months. This is partly because nothing is really grabbing my attention and lending is a thing of the past. I’ve tried to list some airdrops, but it’s not really what I had in mind when I made this site. I wanted to give honest reviews since all the review sites I stumbled on in 2017 was just pure scams listing the platforms who paid the most highest.
The time for lending platforms have passed and I honestly don’t see them return. I might still continue with some good airdrops on the site here and there.
I will focus my attention on another site of mine: Apex Crypto Hub. Which will cover other ways of making money in crypto other than lending platforms. I’ve just started and it does seem a little bare and link spammy atm.
I hope you’ll check out the site and let me know in the comments if you have some ideas for this site or the new one.

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