What is ThorSwap?

ThorSwap, a crypto swap platform developed by the Thor Network team, stands out from other cryptocurrency exchanges for its fairness, security and transaction speed. Based on atomic swap technology, Thor Swap makes decentralized cryptocurrency exchange real — users can swap cryptocurrencies with any counterparty, 100% securely. Flash mode, the decentralized swap by smart contract between ERC20 tokens, ensures transactions to be completed within one minute. If users prefer to swap a wider range of coins, Standard Mode is the choice.

Collaborating with MatrixData, an industry leading cryptocurrency data provider, Thor Swap ensures its users get the most competitive rate among all platforms. Thor Network also promotes cross-chain technology development relying on its ASN technology by its partnership with NEM.

Receive free 250 THT tokens.

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Register account on ThorSwap.
  2. Use your referral link to refer and earn more.


  • Register account on ThorSwap

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