What is Vault?

We are a group of experts in security, banking and marketing, dedicated to building a better financial payments and trading solution using blockchain technology.

The current method of processing financial transactions is too slow, does nothing to protect the consumer and exposes us all to the risks of cyber crime. We believe that by utilizing the Vault’s AI-powered fraud detection solution and the Vault Consensus Network, paired with traditional bank-grade security software we can deliver fast, affordable, secure payments.

We have built a platform based on proven security processes, AI-powered fraud detection solution and the Vault Consensus Protocol.

We invite all Exchange operators, wallet providers, banks, regulators and security standard organizations, to join us as we build a global security network.

Receive free 800 VSS tokens.

Step-by-Step guide:

  1. Register account on Vault  airdrop page.
  2. Join Telegram group. (Optional)
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  5. Follow o LinkedIn. (Optional)
  6. Use your bounty link to refer and earn more.


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  • ERC20 wallet

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